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Art Studio Helene surface pattern designs & prints is the place to be for fresh, bold coloured art, intended to adorn your product.

My ready made designs are available for licensing and buy out, but I would love to make you a custom made design too!


I love bold colours, because I think life is to beautiful to be lived in shades of grey. Watercolour and gouache are the main media I use. In both Illustrator and Photoshop I digitise them.


It is my mission to create beauty around daily used items, to make them a feast for the eye. 

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Collection Shoreline

Art Studio Helene developed a couple of beautiful and creative, custom made designs for our brand BBChum. Hélène is a very pleasant woman to work with. Flexible, professional, she knows her stuff. In other words I would highly recommend her if you are looking for colourful, creative designs that stand out.
logo BBCHum
Peggy Hallausy
Hélène is very creative! She helped me design my online magazine and that has improved the way I present myself hugely. She was able to convert my brief into the design I envisioned. 


As a designer I want to give back to the community that supports me. I do that in the form of a wallpaper for your smartphone.

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