I am Hélène van der Laag, owner and creative force behind Art Studio Helene.

I live in the Netherlands near the Hague with my husband (writer) in a stylish 30’s appartment.


It is my mission to create beauty around daily used items, to make them a feast for the eye. 


I love bold colours, because I think life is to beautiful to be lived in shades of grey.  

Watercolour and gouache are the main media I use. In both Illustrator and Photoshop I digitise them.

My road to succes

I have always been creative. In school Drawing was a subject I graduated in.

But it wasn’t after I lost my job for the second time that I started my journey on the surface design path.

I had been wondering what it was that made my heart sing and one day I saw the add of Textilice about surface pattern design. Then the pieces of the puzzle  fell into place. All my talents and capabiliaties come together in this.

It began with couple of private lessons in Illustrator, and pattern making.  I had to learn from scratch. That was in April, May.

After that I had a PatternObserver membership. Lots of challenges, feedback and a great community supported my growth as a designer.

In September there would be a trade show in Brussels. I wanted to look for an agent. Via PatternObserver I connected to a fellow designer in the Netherlands. She wanted to accompany me in Brussels.

I made my first portfolio guided by Bonnie Christine. And off we went. We learned a lot and contacted agent Carin Janssen of DutchDazzle at the show. She took us under her wing.




  • BBChum bought two of my prints
  • my agent sold two of my designs at Heimtex


My first pattern ever

Other interests

Besides being a designer I have other interests and hobbies ofcourse.

My main hobby is my rented vegetable garden. I love to spend time here. Whether it is working hard or just relaxing. I get inspired here a lot. Nature and art do that to me. 

So another love of mine is art. Museums, exhibits, art galleries, I often visit them. I really think my soul needs this.

Textile museum Tilburg
My garden