Art Studio Helene developed a couple of beautiful and creative, custom made designs for our brand BBChum. Hélène is a very pleasant woman to work with. Flexible, professional, she knows her stuff. In other words I would highly recommend her if you are looking for colourful, creative designs that stand out.
Three of my designs in a shop

I collaborated with BBChum two times. In 2018 and 2019.

A fellow designer @studiobrani had already been working with them and I saw the results on Instagram. 

Then I contacted BBChum myself and asked them if they would be interested in working together. I showed them a couple of designs in a mail and the reply was positive! 

So I went to their office in Amstelveen and I showed them my designs and they bought three of them then and there! 

Ofcourse the designs had to be adjusted to their specific wishes, but that was a journey where I learned lots and lots.

In 2019 they bought another two of my surface pattern designs.

But you what is the best part of this? Seeing the shirts with my patterns in a store!