Here are a couple of collections that are ready made. They are all available for license or buy out. 

Ofcourse you do not have to buy a whole collection. Though they work pretty good together. 

If you would like more information about pricing, please contact me!

You can also contact me for collaborations, commissions, original artwork, repeats or colourways or any other question you might have.

Collection Vegetable garden

My vegetable garden

Collection Shoreline

Collection Sevilla in Spring colourway Morning breeze

Collection Sevilla in Spring colourway Afternoon delight

Collection Bird on an branche

Collection Cuppatea

Collection Dutch treats

These curated collections of patterns reflect my style completely. There are quite a lot collections more and you can contact me to

  • get access to more collections
  • get sizes 
  • a closer look
  • price of a buy out per pattern
  • price of a buy out of the collection per collection
  • or get a quote for licensing