Latest additions to Spoonflower and Patternbank

collection A day in May

A crisp, fresh, vibrant simple botanical design made with markers for kids.

Green and purple with pink and yellow. An all over pattern for the small ones.

Combine it with the wavy geometric patterns underneath. It all oozes: happy!

collection Fruit of the loom

Another crisp, fresh, vibrant watercolor fruit design for home decor mainly. I think kitchen textiles would be perfect.

Green leafs and red fruits on a ditsy flower background. You can choose between black and white.

designs for Patternbank

Flowers and palm leafs for apparel and a digital design for active wear.

Painting in the heat

37 degrees Celsius

In this abnormal heat I could go to my bed and rest, but instead I got my watercolor tools and started painting. I am not a pro with the Winsor & Newton brushes, but I enjoyed the whole proces of it a lot. And practice helps getting there : )

What have I been up to lately?

What have I been up to lately?

The last few weeks I dedicated my time and creativity to the launch of the website where we promote my husbands novel: ‘Terug naar Arras’ or ‘Back to Arras’ in English.

And I have been designing the cover of this same book as well.

This exciting book is about Emily Fitzgerald, a young English woman who has been chased intermittently by hallucinations and nightmares about the First World War since her youth.

When she and her three girlfriends meet the eccentric and flamboyant castle lord Robert Nivelle on the first day of a week’s holiday in Arras in northern France, Emily’s life changes drastically and she is continually thrown between the present and the horrors of the First World War.

It is my very first attempt to design a book cover. And we, most importantly my husband, are very pleased with the result. The end result has all the aspects André (my husband) wanted to see in the design: the leading lady and her younger version, the head in which the hallucinations take place, pictures of the Great War and the atmosphere in which it all takes place.

The facade of chateau de Couin

And then it was time for the website.

I used the colors of the book cover and the photo of the facade of Chateau de Couin as theme colors.

Because I wanted to appeal as many people as possible I went for a fresh modern look with a modern font. 

I made the design in the same WP theme as my own site. That saved a little time, but still…it took a lot of hours to get it the way it looks now.

But it is so much fun!! To get a design spot on, to hear that it is just as my husband had envisioned. That makes it really rewarding.

And now up to selling the book. Because that is what it was all about. Selling at least 150 books up front, so the costs of publishing it are break-even.