Graphic design

Though my big love is surface pattern design, my drive to create beauty for the eye goes beyond that area. It’s just so much fun to make other visual designs too!

Look at the book cover that I made for my husbands’ novel and the website for that same book. Not to mention my own website and business cards.

I welcome your ideas so please contact me if you think I can help you.

Duvet cover collection

Duvet cover: Dreamcatcher

Inspired by the party theme of my sister’s 50th birthday

Originally I designed a birthday card for her, but I felt this surface pattern would do great on a duvet cover. See for yourself if that is true.

Duvet cover: Sunny water surface

A bold design for people who are not afraid to use color!

This surface pattern design belongs to the same collection as Ocean jades. All inspired by the Beachcomber trend of 2017 and now updated.

Duvet cover: Wavy leafs

A flowy natural looking pattern that complements your bedroom in a great way.

Underneath the pillow case you see the original drawings.

Duvet cover: Sevilla tile

Inspired by a visit to Andalucia and the 2017 tile trend.

The colors are fresh and feminine .

Sevilla tile

Duvet cover: Geo wave

A modern, pastel colored design with a twist.

Duvet cover: Magic moon

It started with the background that I made for a Skillshare class by illustrator Ohn Mar Win. The moon and the pillow case icon were added in the Home Decor class of Make Art That Sells.

And then I decided that this theme would fit perfectly on a duvet cover. It is kind of magical and mysterious. Plus I like the colors in a bedroom.