About me

My motto: 

There maybe 50 shades of grey, but why not make a statement with colours and stand out?

In my world life is too short to not fully live it, enjoy it, be happy.

My designs make me happy and all I want is to make you part of it, to let you enjoy it too. 

I really love the fact that I am able to be creative, it makes my heart sing. The whole journey from getting inspired to the actual design is……the best!

My inspirators

From an early age I’ve known that I love beauty, I can be moved by it. It is one of the things that make my life on this earth worth while. And it’s everywhere if you have an eye for it, but nature is the best source. 

Nature inspires my in a big way. I never seize to be amazed by it. The colors and shapes, the way everything is connected and interacts, the coming and going of seasons…..Need I say more?

Nowadays I rent my own vegetable garden close to home. It’s 100m2 and I can do with it as I please. It is a great source of joy and I love to spend time there. And it is necessary to do so otherwise the weeds take over and all the insects eat your plants.


Another great way to get inspired is art. Museums are often visited by me. In my area there is Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and they have lots of interesting exihibitions around the year. On holidays I try to include at least one museum.If there is none then simply walking arond neighbourhoods, paying attention to small details is a fun way for me to spend my time.